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Try agile data engine for free

We know: it can be difficult to grasp the value of a DataOps platform from a browser window. Take Agile Data Engine for a spin and experience the benefits yourself. No strings attached.

when you sign up, you get

Access to an ADE instance

Example cloud data warehouse project

Ready-made dataset to play with

Code snippets and other materials

Grab the keys to ade


Ville Keskinen

For anything not answered by the following FAQ, contact Ville.


frequently asked questions

👨🏻‍🔬 Who can access it? Who is it for?

  • Everyone! But, let's be honest, this is almost entirely for data engineers and architects. 
  • We reserve the right to review and validate all requests before granting access.

🌎 How will my journey with ADE begin?

  • Submit your email in the form above
  • We will contact you via email and send you the credentials for the ADE environment, Snowflake and training portal (for example materials).
  • We'll work with you to set up access to the (restricted) environments needed for the test drive (don't worry, you won't have to do extra work!)

⏳ How long will the test drive last?

  • After receiving your credentials, you have 2 weeks (or 14 days) to complete your test drive. If you need more time, contact us, and we will get you sorted.

🏎️💨 How extensive is the test drive?

  • The test introduces the basic features of ADE and shows off its capabilities in a professional, realistic setting.
  • After the test drive, you have all the necessary skills to start working with ADE.
  • Certain advanced features of ADE are best tested out with a full Proof-of-Concept.

📋 Can I use my own data?

  • We use predefined data and samples in the test drive to give you a comprehensive introduction to the functionalities of ADE in a short time.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your own data during the test drive. To test ADE out with your own data, you need a full Proof-of-Concept.

🏎️💨 How do I get "a full Proof-of-Concept"?

  • If you want more than just a test drive, submit a contact request, and let's discuss the options.



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