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You need to live with the data platform you build. And sometimes the people working with Agile Data Engine need occasional support. Whether you are a veteran ADE Expert or just starting, we are here to support you. 

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Let's skip the chit-chat! The technical stuff a developer needs while working with Agile Data Engine is stored in our documentation.

Whether you're interested in the Agile Data Engine reference guide or release notes, you can find it all in our documentation.

Read our latest blogs

Daily work isn't always easy. Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way. And when our team at Agile Data Engine does just that, we like to share our stories. 

Agile Data Engine Blog is where our experts share their insights, learnings, and stuff that they are passionate about.


Hands-on online training to get you started

Reverse-engineering somebody else's code is hardly ever fun. When you are the newest member of a data engineering team working with a live data platform, it can feel daunting to learn all the quirks and routines needed to be productive. 

With Agile Data Engine, it will take you just three days to get up to speed and feel confident to push changes to production, regardless of your previous experience with data platforms. Or lack of it.

Participating in our well-structured and easy-to-follow online training will not only make you a certified ADE Expert but also provide you the understanding of data modeling and transformations that you need to develop and operate even the most complex of data platforms. Our training is a combination of self-paced study on Claned learning platform and support from our trainers in Slack and Teams.

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