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Built for continuous delivery

Use a collection of software products – or use one Agile Data Engine. ADE’s ability to deliver data products is thanks to five key components, all churning value in one SaaS platform.


Data modeling and Transformations

Design the data products as logical entities and packages: data models and data load definitions such as transformations, business rules and dependencies.

  • Metadata-based data entity and transformation design and custom SQL transformations and rules.
  • Configurable entity (table, view) types  and templates for automating development and governance.
  • Searchable data model and data lineage visualizations for audit trail and impact analysis.

Continuous Deployment

Out-of-the box continuous delivery workflow with built-in CI/CD pipelines with automatic schema changes.

  • Generation of SQL DDL and DML scripts to be deployed to different environments.
  • Multi-database support, for generating SQL DDL and DML for different cloud database platforms.
  • Automatic schema change implementation without stopping data workflows.

Workflow Orchestration

Load your data to the cloud database using metadata-based intelligent workflow generation, testing, orchestration and monitoring. Enabling business real-time data loading.

  • Generation of data workflows (directed acyclic graphs) based on model metadata.
  • Granular configuration of workflows based on entity level dependencies and schedules.
  • Dynamic load processing with concurrency control.

Monitoring & Testing

Workflow monitoring and timely data quality tests with an integration possibility to customer backend systems.

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of dynamic data workflows (DAGs) and loads.
  • Customized metadata statistics reporting and visualization capabilities.
  • Data quality tests that can be executed as part of the workflow orchestration, and they can control the success of the workflows.

API Connectivity

Easy-to-use metadata interfacing for operationalization and integration with existing systems and processes.

  • API connectivity to integrate ADE workflows with customer specific processes. 
  • Integration of metadata to data catalogs or other similar tools. 

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