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Elevate your Data Engineering Team with the Help of Data



In an age where Artificial Intelligence is poised to transform every aspect of our lives, it's crystal clear that AI is only as strong as the data it relies on. The key to a successful future lies in our ability to manage data efficiently and effectively. The challenge we face is the exponential growth in demand, coupled with a scarcity of skilled data professionals.

For data engineering teams, it often feels like we're working in the dark, unsure of the impact of our efforts. Unlike many other professions, we often can't directly witness the "business value" we create. We work tirelessly, week after week, without a clear view of the results. Or even without visibility to our own work. It's time for a change.​

Traditionally, the response to challenges has been to invest in new technologies and rebuild everything from scratch. We find ourselves reinventing the wheel repeatedly. The bottleneck isn't technology anymore; it's us, the people and how we think and how we work. As data professionals, do we truly understand how well we're performing? Are we aware of where improvements can be made? There are fundamental flaws in how we approach and manage data-related work and investments. It often seems like we're feeding data, requirements, and money into a black box, hoping for magic to happen. It's challenging to manage our work and productivity effectively, and we rarely have a clear view of our data platforms' status.​



on the Data Platform,
Work and Data Products​

The good news is that there's a massive opportunity to transform the way we work by harnessing the power of data in data engineering. With our new product area within the Agile Data Engine SaaS service, we're thrilled to introduce "Insights." Insights will provide a revolutionary way for data teams to gain deeper visibility into their work and data investments, enabling them to continuously enhance their performance and way of working, and deliver even greater business value to data users. Additionally, we're offering valuable insights into data products, allowing business data users to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their data assets.

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Take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your data operations. Join us on this exciting journey with Insights. Together, we'll shape the future of data engineering.​

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If you are interested in hearing more about Insights, or getting an early access to to it, please fill in the form below and we will contact you abut the next steps.​