Power-up Snowflake with ADE

Agile Data Engine is a DataOps platform that combines data transformations and modeling in one to increase the speed and quality of Snowflake-based data development.

Keeping continuous data flows continuous

Combining Snowflake's powerful load execution with Agile Data Engine's optimal SQL generation and load orchestration, you can keep data flows nice and clean.


Make the most of your Snowflake data warehousing

Check out why Agile Data Engine is a perfect match for Snowflake

Agile design framework

Let Agile Data Engine handle dynamic data flow generation and leverage data warehouse automation features for data products delivery using various data warehouse modelling methodologies such as Data Vault or Dimensional modelling.

Data modeling and transformations

Design the data models and data load definitions such as transformations, business rules, and dependencies for the data platform using standardized patterns. Automated SQL code generation and documentation leaves minimal room for common human errors.

Continuous deployment

Out-of-the box continuous delivery workflow with built-in CI/CD pipelines with automated database schema changes. Fast and reliable promotion to different environments helps you avoid writing complex SQL statements and avoid potentially costly data reloads.

Workflow management

Load your data to Snowflake using metadata-based intelligent workflow generation, orchestration, and API connectivity for integration possibility to customer backend systems.

Snowflake <3 Agile Data Engine

Complement Snowflake with a purpose-built DataOps platform.


Technology partners since 2017

We were there when the first Snowflake implementations were done in the Nordics, and we plan to be there for many years to come.


Keeping up with the latest features

We keep a close eye on new Snowflake releases and features and introduce support for relevant updates in Agile Data Engine.


A dream combo for data engineers

Most of our customers work with Snowflake as their data platform, so we've seen many successful deliveries that made data work less of a hassle.

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Start using ADE with Snowflake

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Christoph Papenfuss

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