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Whether your customers are moving to cloud or are already there, we work with you to deliver resilient transformations that seamlessly mesh legacy and new technologies


All-in-one data platform

Our all-in-one platform approach ensures you're able to provide better value for customers faster, since the Agile Data Engine comes ready for immediate use.


Tech agnostic

Supporting different cloud storage and target databases has been our goal from the start - our customers have good reasons for their technology choices, and we help them adapt all their data sources into one place efficiently, partnering with top cloud technology vendors.


Resilient data foundation

Agile Data Engine is built to handle constant changes and disruptions by adapting, so your data drives real business data instead of devolving into an unusable data swamp that can't be salvaged.

Meet our Resales and Service partners


Solita is a community of highly and widely skilled experts geared for impact and customer value.


Evitec Solutions

Evitec Solutions is a Nordic expert in software solutions and consultation services for the finance sector.



INFORM DataLab offers comprehensive support in using data to make informed and targeted decisions and facilitate digital transformation along the entire data value chain. Their data experts offer tailored solutions to fully exploit the potential of data and create processes that generate sustainable value.

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Datalytyx helps you tackle the biggest, most data-intensive analysis and make decisions faster by providing the tools, technologies and people to offer powerful solutions for data projects, regardless of size and complexity.



Tietoevry creates purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good. They are a leading technology company with a strong Nordic heritage and global capabilities, with core values of openness, trust and diversity. They work with customers to develop digital futures where businesses, societies, and humanity  thrive.



Istekki provides strategic partnership and competitive services. They have a wide range of core expertise in information technology as well as health and wellbeing solutions.

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As a leading expert in digital transformation and a proud member of the Solita Group, FutureMind's goal is to find human-centered solutions to complex challenges, driving positive change within organizations.



Midanos designs and develops Business Intelligence and Planning solutions with IBM Cognos tools.

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Islet handles all conditions so you can succeed sustainably with arctic-clear technology solutions.



Ituni is an entrepreneur-owned consortium of skilled data professionals where everyone wins: customer, creator and community.


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Want to become an Agile Data Engine Partner?

There are currently experts at over 20 companies in six countries working with Agile Data Engine as implementation partners. We are constantly strengthening our partner network by certifying new Agile Data Engine experts and joining forces with new solution partners, so please reach out if you feel a partnership can be beneficial for both of us!


Matti Karell

CEO, Agile Data Engine