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Agile Data Engine is a DataOps tool for professionals. We provide Agile Data Engine as SaaS, and our solution partners take care of the development and operations work. 

Today, we have experts from over 20 companies in six countries working with Agile Data Engine. We are continuously looking to strengthen our partner network by certifying new ADE Experts and joining forces with new solution partners.

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Cloud-native from the start, working with top technology partners

When we first started building Agile Data Engine, it was clear that we wanted to be cloud-native. Throughout the years, we have been helping our customers in their cloud transformation and enabled vertical slicing to ensure successful migration from on-prem to cloud.

Supporting different cloud storages and target databases has always been our goal. Our customers have good reasons for their technology choices, and to help them, we have partnered with the top cloud technology vendors.

The technology landscape is ever-evolving, and we are keeping a close eye on innovations in the data warehousing scene. Finding the right technology partners is the key to succeeding in the future.

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