Accelerate your Databricks SQL data lakehouse

Agile Data Engine is a data product platform designed for implementing modeled and multi-layered medallion architecture for operational analytics and AI/ML use cases on Databricks SQL.

Build your data platform for clean data and resilient architecture

Our synergistic innovation with Databricks SQL help you build truly agile, resilient data platforms with clean data for better operational analytics and best-in-class AI/ML use cases.


Operational analytics and AI/ML use cases in an all-in-one platform?



Spice up your data lakehouse on Databricks

Check out why Agile Data Engine is a perfect match for Databricks SQL

Agile by design

Leave dynamic data flow generation to the data warehouse automation features of ADE. Accelerate data product delivery in Databricks' medallion architecture.

Data modeling and transformations

Find missing efficiencies by basing your data models, loads, transformations, rules, and dependencies on powerful modeling methodologies like Data Vault and dimensional modeling.

Continuous deployment

Built-in CI/CD pipelines with automated SQL code generation, schema changes, and documentation remove human errors and help you avoid complex SQL statements and costly data reloads.

Seamless workflow management

Load your data to Databricks SQL using intelligent metadata-driven workflow generation and orchestration. Integrate to backend systems with simply effective API connectivity.

Databricks SQL <3 Agile Data Engine

Make the most of your data lakehouse with a cutting-edge SQL-generation and orchestration platform.


Data product framework for operational analytics

ADE's innovative technology opens the door to continuous deployment with automatic SQL schema changes and optimized data load processing for business real-time use cases.


Resilient data architecture for AI/ML use cases

Model once and use as many times as you want. ADE takes you to a resilient and robust data architecture with automatic CI/CD. Achieve more reliable AI/ML use cases that adapt to evolving business requirements.


The newest and fastest-growing partnership

Our partnership with Databricks is aimed at delivering world-class data product management on Databricks SQL. Connections tested and proven on AWS and Azure.

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Make data magic with ADE and Databricks SQL

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