Turn your data into business value

Speed up data development, improve data quality, and unlock new business opportunities.

Better data lifetime value

Agile Data Engine is a SaaS platform offering lower total cost of data ownership and increased resiliency / LTV for your data warehousing from on-prem to cloud, over the entire data lifecycle. We've revolutionized data work through automation and standardization, increasing transparency and data team productivity.


Seamless deployments

We streamline data work by designing, deploying, operating, and managing data products and pipelines. This means you can extract the most value from your data warehouse platform over its lifecycle.


Multi-cloud cost transparency

We catalyze better collaboration within data teams and business owners, increasing cost transparency and supporting a multi-cloud approach. This helps you mitigate cloud platform provider lock-in.


Core Features

Agile Data Engine is your all-in-one solution for DataOps. Our capability to deliver comes from our 6 core features - which drive value from one SaaS platform.

Data Modeling & Transformations​

Design the data models and data load definitions such as transformations, business rules and dependencies for the data platform.​

API Connectivity

Easy-to-use metadata interfacing for operationalization and integration with existing systems and processes.​

Continuous Deployment

Out-of-the box continuous delivery workflow with built-in CI/CD pipelines with automated schema changes.​

Monitoring & Testing

Workflow monitoring and timely data quality tests with integration possibility to customer backend systems.​

Workflow Orchestration

Load your data to cloud using metadata based intelligent workflow generation, testing, orchestration and monitoring.​


Visibility and insights on development and operations for Data Teams, including DataOps Management KPIs and Data Product Catalog.​

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Matti Karell

CEO, Agile Data Engine