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Got an army of consultants trying to manage data over silos and messy dependencies?


Continuous delivery with trunk based approach brings early detection. No complex merge problems late in the process.  Generation of SQL and data load workflows based on metadata. Templates and configurability to accelerate project specific practices and reusability of work.



Seamless integration of data modeling and transformation simplifies development. Out-of-the-box CI/CD pipeline for cloud data warehouse enables true agile development. Adaptable and optimizable business real-time workflows, ensure that businesses have up-to-date data for operative decision making.



Modular data product framework makes the data platform more manageable and reusable. Unique entity-driven approach Modular data quality tests as part of data load workflows.



Insights and statistics about data platform, data products, and data team productivity. Data lineage enables impact analysis for changes and audit trail of data transformations. Continuous insights about data quality and workflows.



Metadata-driven low code secures that the data product and domain knowledge stays, no matter if people change. Multi-cloud: when there is a need for changing cloud vendor or database platform, we can ensure the continuity.



Business data stays in your cloud: No need to process data in a separate SaaS service other than in your cloud data warehouse. Private connectivity support via VPN, and hybrid cloud & on-premise deployment support


Core Features

Agile Data Engine is your all-in-one solution for DataOps. Our capability to deliver comes from our 6 core features - which drive value from one SaaS platform.

Data Modeling & Transformations

Design the data models and data load definitions including but not limited to transformations, business rules and dependencies for the data platform.​

API Connectivity

Easy-to-use metadata interfacing for operationalization and integration with existing systems and processes.​

Continuous Deployment

Out-of-the box continuous delivery workflow with built-in CI/CD pipelines with automated schema changes.​

Monitoring and Testing

Workflow monitoring and timely data quality tests with integration possibility to customer backend systems.​

Workflow Orchestration

Load your data to cloud using metadata based intelligent workflow generation, testing, orchestration and monitoring.​


Visibility and insights on development and operations for Data Teams, including DataOps Management KPIs and Data Product Catalog.​

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Matti Karell

CEO, Agile Data Engine