Demystifying Data Modeling: A hands-on workshop to boost deep learning

Apr 30, 2024 11:05:25 AM

The ability to harness the power of data modeling is not only a desirable skill — it's a necessity in today's data-driven landscape. Nonetheless, plenty of pundits out there claim the advent of the data lake and virtually unlimited cloud storage turned data modeling into an archaic, less vital skill. Frankly, this is simply wrong, because when you have exploding data volumes, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Data modeling lies at the heart of effective data management, because it helps organizations unlock valuable insights, make informed decisions, and drive business success.

We recognize the critical role data modeling plays in shaping the future of business intelligence. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our innovative workshop experience designed to empower data engineers and Data/ BI leaders alike. 


Data Modeling Experience Workshop 

Our unique workshop goes beyond traditional training formats by offering participants a hands-on, immersive learning journey.

At its core, the workshop aims to equip attendees with the fundamental principles of data modeling while providing ample opportunities for practical application.



Through a series of dynamic group exercises, participants tackle real-life data modeling challenges, honing their problem-solving skills and making crucial design decisions.

We currently conduct these workshops in two different flavors: Data Vault Modeling and a more generic session. 


Why take this workshop?

What sets our workshop apart is the integration of our Agile Data Engine software platform, a data warehouse automation solution.

Utilizing this platform in the background, group instructors guide participants through the process of translating their design decisions into tangible data models.

As attendees witness their creations come to life in a real cloud database, they gain invaluable insights into the impact of their modeling choices and the intricacies of data implementation.


But rest assure, Agile Data Engine is stealthly in the background and the focus stays in the key decisions and learning. 


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop was designed for data engineers seeking to deepen their expertise in mind. But it also caters to BI leaders who are keen to take an active role in shaping their team's data modeling practices. Having a diverse audience helps create a fun and engaging environment for networking & knowledge exchange. 

A solid data model is paramount for success with BI. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, we aim to cultivate a community of data professionals equipped to tackle the evolving challenges of data management head-on!


A recent experience 

We recently conducted our first public workshops in Finland and Germany and they were a smashing success. Professionals from six industries attended. 67% of attendees hailed from the retail sector—a testament to the growing recognition of the pivotal role data modeling plays in driving success within this industry.

With vast volumes of data at their disposal, retail organizations understand the imperative of adopting robust data modeling practices to unlock actionable insights and stay ahead of the curve. 


Interested in attending?

As we look to the future, the importance of effective data modeling will only continue to grow. By empowering data engineers and BI leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to excel, our workshop aims to be a catalyst for positive change within organizations across industries. Together, let's harness the power of data modeling to shape a brighter, more data-driven future.

Are you ready to embark on your journey to mastering data modeling? Join us and discover the transformative potential of effective data design. We are looking to schedule further public workshops in central Europe and the Nordics in mid summer and early fall. We are also happy to do this on-site for your team. Together, let's unlock the true power of data. 

Reach out to hear more about upcoming sessions, or schedule one for your team!