Could you have done it without Agile Data Engine?

May 20, 2024 11:57:08 AM

“We couldn’t have done it without DataOps….” stated Karri Linoinnen at the 2024 Data Innovation Summit (DIS) in Stockholm.

In his role as Nordic Investment Bank’s (NIB) Chief Data Officer, Karri Linnoinen spoke about NIB's efforts to significantly modernize their IT infrastructure. His presentation focused on a data transformation project - migration to a cloud-based data warehouse.

Adopting a DataOps approach allowedthem to revolutionize their data management and deployment processes. 

Enhancing Developer Efficiency 

Developer efficiency was a central theme throughout the presentation. NIB's journey to the cloud was striking for its relentless focus on how fast and effectively they could meet end-user needs. To execute on this objective, NIB teamed up with Agile Data Engine. Our SaaS platform allows NIB and other customers in the financial and banking sector to minimize wasted time through a low-code approach and high degree of automation. 

Key Advantages of DataOps 

One of the most notable aspects of the presentation was the emphasis on the iterative nature of DataOps. By building and deploying in small increments, NIB significantly improved its production cycle. Small increments “quench of the thirst of the business,”. according to Linnoinen. He highlighted a stark contrast to their previous approach of going to production only once every nine months. Leveraging the Agile Data Engine platform, NIB was able to increase that figure to an impressive average of 0.6 deployments per day. 


Vendor lock-in is never comfortable. This is especially true for a regulated industry such as financial services. With the looming DORA regulations, it is important that companies comply with the so-called “exit clause.”.Linnoinen spoke to NIB's ability to comfortably swap out their cloud data warehouse platform thanks to Agile Data Engine's unique multi-cloud capabilities. 




DIS Presentation 

We strongly  recommend taking a few minutes out of your busy day to watch Karri’s talk. The room was buzzing with energy as he patiently answered plenty of audience questions. 


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