Redefine the value of retail data

Are you feeling the retail data struggle? Build the foundation for a resilient retail data warehouse with Agile Data Engine.

Are clunky ways of working burning your limited data resources?

When your data development and maintenance costs keep soaring - even though scalability and flexibility can’t keep up - you need to do something! That's where Agile Data Engine comes in. We help you remedy:

  • Misaligned/high-turnover data teams
  • Growth-crushing deployment (in)frequency
  • Inconsistent data models and practices

Are you unable to meet your customers’ demand for data-driven service?

Everyone wants customer-centricity. But what if you don’t have the tools to deliver? You probably know what you need, but just can’t get the right data at the right time. Agile Data Engine bridges the gap so you can offer better data to drive your business units:

  • Better in-store data and analytics
  • Customer behavior patterns and innovations
  • The best possible customer experience

Are you desparate for better sales and marketing processes?

Better marketing, more sales. That’s the end goal, right? The challenge lies in how you align business and customer needs with what data teams can actually deliver. Agile Data Engine helps you bring clarity and use your data in decision-making to guide:

  • Effective marketing and smarter sales
  • AI-driven dynamic pricing and personalization
  • Development roadmaps for digital solutions

What if your data could truly deliver better business value?

Build a next-gen data platform that's resilient enough to handle end-to-end changes in a complex, dynamic and growing data environment - while avoiding vendor lock-in!

Increase in data team productivity
Longer lifecycle for data warehousing solutions
Lower data function operational costs

"The decisions made on the data platform architecture, technology and ways of working make it possible for everyone to work towards creating value in a consistent and agile way while sharing best practices with each other. This, in turn, has enabled a leap in productivity and alignment.​​"

Tuomas Autio

IT Director, Data Platforms & Technology, Kesko

A strong foundation for resilient retail data warehousing

A resilient data warehouse is designed from the ground up, keeping in mind the ever-changing tech and business landscape. It’s ready to handle end-to-end changes in a complex, dynamic and growing data environment. Without all the chaos. 24/7.

Metadata-driven approach

Don't get lost in messy data, broken models, or version overlap. Our metadata approach brings clarity and reliability to any high-volume data environment, giving your developers much-valued peace of mind.

Continuous integration and delivery

Agile Data Engine combines data modeling and transformations in one tool, enabling true agility with a built-in CI/CD pipeline for data products in the data warehouse. Within a matter of days you'll see the impact on your time-to-market!

Cloud-native SaaS platform

ADE was built for efficient data work. This ethos runs through the SaaS delivery model and platform architecture.

Tech-agnostic connectivity

Works with whichever cloud or database you're using to do data-driven business.

Building a modern data warehouse with Kesko

Agile Data Engine helps leading Finnish retailer Kesko to develop data solutions efficiently, improve data quality and enhance business agility.

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